What to expect when having your roof replaced

Having your roof replaced is a big job that on average takes 3 to 4 days to complete ( depending on size/situation and weather).

There will be a dumpster for the debris placed in the driveway and material delivery trucks bringing the roofing materials. We will coordinate with you about the placement of the dumpster and the delivery of the materials.

Once the work begins, there will be alot of activity around your house. In the event that a access door might be block off for safety reasons, the crew will inform the homeowner of this beforehand. Tarps are sometimes used on the ground to catch debris as the roof is being torn off, and the ground will be magnetically swept with a roller magnet to pick up any nails that have fallen. We do everything possible to protect your landscaping around the perimeter of the house and the outside A/C unit as well.

Once the roof is completed and all debris has been cleaned up, we will call to have the dumpster picked up, and your job will be scheduled to be inspected by the appropriate county/city building department.

The inspection process is completely accomplished by the city/county inspection department of the city/county you live in and they will come out and inspect the finished job.