What You Should Know Before You Re-roof


The typical roof lasts about 20 years, and if you’ve bought an older house or if you’ve lived in your house for a long period of time, it might be time for you to consider a replacement roof. Think you might be due for a re-roof?
Here’s how to determine if you need a new roof:

Start by assessing the condition of your roof from the outside. Look for missing shingles, weathered or thinning shingles and the curling and buckling of shingles.
With asphalt tile roofs, the presence of shingle granules in the gutter is also a sign that your roof is ready to be replaced.
Keep an eye out for sagging, which could indicate a leak in your roof, and could be a sign of significant structural issues.
After inspecting the outside of your home, be sure to inspect your attic and crawl space for signs of water damage. Additionally, take note if any light is shining through.
You can expect the re-roofing process to take 3 days for uncomplicated small to moderate sized homes, and up to a week or more for extremely large homes with complicated roof lines.

Once you’ve decided that you’re ready for a new roof
Three final re-roofing factors to take into consideration:

Temperature: Ideal temperatures for a re-roof are between 50 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Cold temperatures do not allow for a great seal when using asphalt shingles. Hot temperatures can be dangerous for workers who may be prone to heat exhaustion.

Risk of precipitation: Rain can be problematic for a re-roof that involves tearing off your existing shingles. Precipitation also causes slippery conditions – whether it’s ice, snow or rain – making your roof unsafe for installers. Ideally you’ll want to plan your re-roof install during a period of dry weather.

A better looking roof: There are many new roofing alternatives that can improve the appearance and property value of your home. These include architectural shingles and new roofing materials that allow you to upgrade to the look of shake, slate or tile at an affordable cost.

Hopefully this helps in determining if your roof needs replacement. Keep in mind, mid-late spring and early fall are generally recognized by roofing professionals as the best time of year to replace your roof. But because of this, homeowners also should be aware that these are the busiest times of year for roofing contractors, so be sure to meet give A&M Construction of NW Fla Inc a call sooner rather than later.

Any job that you consider doing on your home, make sure to hire a fully licensed and insured contractor to protect yourself. If in doubt, check them out by calling your local county/city building department. Never let anyone talk you into “pulling the permit” for any job on your home as that is the contractors responsibility to take care of all necessary permits. If the person/company, you are wanting to hire cannot acquire the permits to do the job, chances are they are not licensed to do the work.