How Your House Looks

How your home looks is important to you. Your roof is a big part of how your house looks and better yet, how well it “preforms for you”. Picking the right color and type of roofing material is important also. A&M Construction of NW Fla Inc provides all our customers with the info to help make a informed decision on their roofing materials needs. With all the colors available including the “cool colors” the roofing manufactures are now offering, we can help you pick out a color that will best suit your home as well as what would be the best type of roofing materials to use to protect your investment for years to come.

Any job that you consider doing on your home, make sure to hire a fully licensed and insured contractor to protect yourself. If in doubt, check them out by calling your local county/city building department. Never let anyone talk you into “pulling the permit” for any job on your home as that is the contractors responsibility to take care of all necessary permits. If the person/company, you are wanting to hire cannot acquire the permits to do the job, chances are they are not licensed to do the work.